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Linkedin Trolls

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They’re out there.  Not your typical internet trolls (well, except for the group discussions –  many of these quickly degenerate into “your mother was a hamster” ), they are usually just silly comment bait.

Items like:

“Name a City that does not have the letter “A”in it. I bet you can’t “

“Solve If You Are Genius”

Occasionally, the genius link bait  shows up as “Solve if u r genius”.

The solve problem usually takes a form similar to:

8 = 56

7 = 42

6 = 30

5 = 20

3 = ?

If it takes a genius to solve this, civilization isn’t in danger of collapse; it already has.

If this trend continues, pretty soon I’ll be getting Linkedin invites to play candy crush saga….

Update: somehow, I forgot the “Which word did you see first?” dreck.  Auto response: “Cthulhu”. Seems to be the only appropriate answer. 



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23 April 2014 at 8:39 PM

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